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Baku an amazing capital of Azerbaijan

From the cruising altitude, Baku sparkles more brightly than the most limpid diamond, as the spot of light between the west and east, lying on the Caspian coastline.

If you have made a decision to visit exceptional capital city, which is able to agitate and surprise by its history and energy, keep in mind that you just need a few hours to arrive here and just a sole weekend to fall in love forever with this city.

Known in Azerbaijan as a city of winds, Baku, in effect, appears as a heart of different cultures, merged during the centuries and coexisting in the ideal harmony, instead of having imprint of Turkish, byzantine, European, Arabian, Russian and American cultures.    

Well-equipped routes, busy by high class autos, elegant streets framed by French facade palaces and soviet period squares. Majestic buildings of diplomatic offices, with the facades like embroidered lace and ably decorated with architectural-decorative lightning. There are the world known brands boutiques, exclusive and elegant places of night entertainment along the seaside, situated on Park Boulevard, as Pacific & Lounge, Chinar and Eleven Restaurant & Lounge, where you can dance until the sunrise and to enjoy the views of bay from the high attic.

Magic of the Old City

On the streets, crossing the heart of the old city, you can feel the flavor of species and aromatic herbs, fresh-baked bread mixed with the scent of the carpets webbed in the small workshops. Walking inside the walls of the antic city amongst the mosques, palaces of Shirvan Shah and tower of Virgin, you will feel yourself inside the different stages of Azeri history. On the other side of antic zone you will find The Theatre of Marionette, The Carpet Museum and Caravanserai.


Design, art and architect anticipating the future!

It is inevitable to feel the charm of contrasts of the city, because the silhouettes of antic buildings interflowed with the modern edifices and porosity of stony walls of the Old City reinforces the resonance of reflecting surface of sky-scrappers.

The brightest impresses from the city you will get in the evening time, from the high hills, achievable by the recent generation cable- way, with opening views of specular reflections of Baku in the Caspian waters, as the most romantic view of city in the sea bay.

 One of the fundamental places of the city, especially for the fancies of the art and design, is the Cultural center of Heidar Aliev. This museum is disposes an interactive collection of antic costumes, jewelries’, musical instruments, carpets, and one part of museum is entirely dedicated to the part of history from the soviet period until the nowadays. And the most interesting artifacts of the modern art of world known artists are introduced in the Modern Art Museum.

The places of amazing cuisine.

Inside of the old city there are numerous fascinating places where you can book the romantic dinner with candles. Menu offers the best dishes of national cuisine on the base of chicken meat, lamb, veal, roasted and moist vegetables, the variety of cheese and sweets on the base of mandelic dough and spices. On one of the main streets of the modern part of the city there is a restaurant Faeton, offering and exclusive menu and sorts of wine.

The exquisite cuisine, national music and the synthesis of atmosphere of antic times with the modernity, converts Baku to the city of unique delights and attraction. 

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